Welcome to the official Hack4Impact developer bootcamp!

Super excited to have you here. We use this course to train new members of Hack4Impact so they can build the best web applications possible for nonprofits. This curriculum takes the very best teaching from all our chapters, and brings it to you in one, beautiful, easy-to-digest package.

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🌐 Getting started with web UIs

Let's learn some core fundamentals of how UIs are really built on the web. No algorithms or data structures... just styles, structure, and flex-bility 💪

Intro to HTML

⚙️ Javascript on the client


This is everything you need to know before using the language itself.

Using JS on the web

Now that we understand JS a bit better, let's put it to the test on the web!

Understanding the DOM

Async and the event loop

How to talk to an API

🌳 Working in a local editor

Git is an intuition you develop, not a concept you fully understand ~wise words from Luke Kim

Editing JavaScript locally

We've been working off of CodePen up until now. To feel more confident working on big boy projects, let's get out of the browser and into a real text editor!

Intro to VSCode

Intro to NPM

NodeJS 101

Version control

Before diving into our advance topics, let's get comfortable with using Git and GitHub. We use this for all our projects at Hack4Impact, so you'll definitely want to revisit this section.

What is Git?

Git-ing our hands dirty